AURA LIMITED through the relationship with a number of commercial banks, to provide credit facilities such as Sight LC/ Usance LC/ Standby LC/ Bank Guarantee, to provide you with payment guarantee. This is especially useful when you browse the complexity of overseas trading business. We also offer you LC discount facilities to confirm the bank LC so that you can profit from your credit receivables at an attractive price instantly. Make your international business work smoothly.


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We can provide services or consultancy including but not limited to:
Finance Letters of Credit
Standby Letters of Credit
Overseas L/C Financing
Discount for L/C
Purchase Order Finance
Local purchasing and distribution 
Overseas imports
Unsecured Lines of Credit (Special Situations ACH based);

e-commerce companies high turnover, bridge funding, etc.

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7 Reasons to choice AURA to deliver Letter of Credit (LC) for you:
1.    Required limited deposit or no deposit - No deposit or any form of guarantee required upon approved by 
basic requirement check.
2.    No background check on payment capability
3.    72 Hour Delivery - We normally deliver Letters of Credit (LC) within 72 hours of all documentation and payments being completed.
4.    Any Country - We will issue Letters of Credit (LC) for the import/export of goods from ANY country except Austria.
5.    Any Currency - We will issue Letters of Credit (LC) in almost any currency except Renminbi.
6.    Lower Fees - Our fees for issuing Letters of Credit (LC) are more cost effective than many larger public banks.
7.    Less Restrictive - Our required control clauses for a Letter of Credit (LC) are much easier than other banks.
We use the Bank SWIFT Network to have the clients Letters of Credit (LC) delivered Bank to Bank. We operate a reliable, efficient delivery and authentication process to ensure all Letters of Credit (LC) are successfully delivered for our clients.

Our Edges Compare to Others

No background check on payment capability
No deposit or any form of guarantee required


Corporation Conditions: 

Large trading corporations: Requires 10%-30% security deposit and fixed assets guarantee

Banks: Requires 110% security deposit of customers without credit extension; Requires 100% cash deposit with the same currency
Aura Limited: No background check on payment capability
No deposit or any form of guarantee required



Large trading corporations: Conditions of issuing a letter of credit by foreign trade companies and listed companies.

Banks: Generally requires 1-3 weeks with full security deposit, or over 3 months with application for bank credit extension. 
Aura Limited: 

Credit Amount Issued:
Hong Kong or Singapore banks: range from 100,000 USD to 1,500,000 USD for regular goods, no restriction for coal, ironstone or steel.
American banks: range from 200,000 USD to 9,000,000 USD
British banks: range from 200,000 USD to 500,000,000 USD

Time: less than 4 business days
In most cases, a letter of credit will be issued on the next business day by a Hong Kong bank, the third business day by an American bank, the third or fourth business day by a British bank after the day of application


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